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Vendor Opportunities

The only way to apply to be a vendor at our market is via our official email address.

No one on our team will ever solicit you via social media, ask you to message us using a personal social media account, or request money from you via social media. Anyone attempting to contact you in this manner is not legitimate. Please beware of many scammers using our good name to take advantage of others. 


Please read and follow these instructions to inquire about vendor opportunities:

1. Email normantwilightmarket @ gmail . com

2. Use subject line "Vendor inquiry"

3. Write a detailed description of your business including an itemized list of products you would like considered. 

4. Provide photos of each item type you would like considered. 

Due to the level of interest in participation in our events, we currently have  a waiting list in several categories. 

Community groups:


Please follow the same steps listed above, but use subject line "Community group participation" and include a description of your group, how you wish to participate in our event, and any literature you have about your group.




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